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The vast majority of our logistic operations is built around a network of courier exchange We offer

Same day/Next day Services - these services offer our clients delivery time slots suitable for their needs

Removals - office and house moving- form part of our 2-man delivery service network.


In this age of unwavering product cycles, global competition and increased risk of supply chain disruption, major corporate leaders need to know how to use procurement, which is often regarded as supply management as a strong model for competition. Purchasing and global sourcing can account for more than 50 percent of overall costs in man Read More...

Warehouse management

Once our potential customers have been identified, Cindel Logistics Ltd understands the issues and anticipates our customers' business and logistic needs. Our technical and supply advisers will provide support that will drive the value of your business by providing dedicated shared warehousing and distribution operators to ensure customer Read More...

Forecasting and Pricing Strategy

The key to the sales strategy is direct sales calls on all the targeted market segments targeted. With over five years of background knowledge of trading, knowledge of the products and competitors, skill sets and knowledge of business development models, these initial sales calls need to be made by our dedicated advisers.

Air Freight

Some of our clients need their cargo to be delivered in the shortest possible time for a variety of reasons. Where this is the case, Cindel is always in a position to prioritise such cargo for air freighting to various destinations around the world. We are passionate about providing the very best cargo and urgent air freight solutions to our clients. Read More...

Ocean Freight

More than 90 per cent of the World's cargo is reportedly carried by sea. At Cindel, we are proactive in the Ocean freight market. We pride ourselves on our innovative and efficient strategies designed with the needs of our clients and customers in mind. Read More...